Athelas Revenue Cycle Management

Billing and reimbursement don't have to be painful. Athelas RCM delivers world class service, maximizes reimbursements, and delivers actionable insights into the financial health of your practice.


Actionable financial insights

Gain access to our Practice Analytics Dashboard, full of insights into the financial health of your practice.

Athelas manages more than $100M in collectionsand boasts 18+ years of RCM experience.

Why Choose Us?

Industry leading denial rates

Our denial rates are 50% lower than the industry average, earning your practice more for the same work.

Extraordinary first pass approvals

You'll get paid faster for services rendered, with our 81% first pass approval rate.

Profoundly affordable

Our software-powered approach delivers better service at a lower cost than the competition.

Faster, more consistent reimbursements

Your staff works hard treating patients. Athelas amplifies that work into increased, consistent revenue for your practice.

More revenue. Less hassle. Athelas combines 18 years of billing experience with powerful analytics tools to deliver extraordinary results.

Supercharge Your Billing


World class onboarding experience

Our customer success team focuses tirelessly to minimize stress for your staff, and guarantees zero downtime between billers.

Consultative approach: We’re your partners

Athelas does't just manage billing, we deliver powerful insights to guide your practice towards greater financial success.

Free up staff for more important work

Our goal is to make billing and reconciliation effortless, so you and your staff can focus on patient care and engagement.

What doctors are saying

Medical practices of all sizes love working with Athelas RCM.

Estrella Harrington

“They are responsive, reliable, and strive to be a business partner to us: consistently going above and beyond in helping our strategic growth. [...] Their expertise in billing and dealing with health insurance companies has allowed us to focus more on other areas in our business."


Kim Deering 

“The customized customer service we receive is outstanding and has been from the very beginning of our working relationship two years ago.  [...] I would strongly recommend their services as an effective solution for medical billing and revenue cycle management.” 

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Manage your practice with deep analytics

Projections & Benchmarking

Get accurate projections of future revenue and compare against industry benchmarks.

Site Health Metrics

Dig into where your sites are excelling, and where they have room to grow.

Provider-Level Insights

Learn which of your providers drive the most revenue, so you can train the rest of your staff from their example.

Our RCM dashboard is an AI-enabled powerhouse of insights into the inner workings of your business. Use it to discover your biggest opportunities and increase overall revenue.